Last week I had two days where I was given the amazing opportunity to work “on” my business instead of “in” my business.  What is the difference I hear you ask? Well, for me, working in your business is where you are doing the work for your clients, whereas working on your business is working on the elements that are going to grow your business.  And boy, did it give me a lot to think about.  It was based very much around business planning and what I wanted to achieve – particularly for me, over the next 12 months. It was a very insightful process to go through. It gave me a clarity that I didn’t realise I didn’t have. 

Which brings me to a discussion I had with an amazing business owner today. She was talking to me about finally coming to the realisation that she needed help in her business. She has all of this amazing knowledge and intellectual property but she just can’t get her out of her business to look at what she needs to do to capitalise on this.  The gold that she is sitting on is unbelievable. When we talked about what “help” looked like, it wasn’t lack of ideas or indeed lack of work but it was lack of clarity that was her stumbling block.

You see, having so many ideas is almost as difficult as having only one or two. Which direction should you go in?

There are so many lessons for me when it comes to working on my business.  Firstly, I am reminded that it is something that we all need to do, and we need to do it regularly. It is not something I had done until this year – once in March and now in November. Whilst they were two, two-day events, I really looked at the big picture. I now realise that this needs to be done at least once per week for 2 hours.  I need to be able to drill down on the big picture and provide myself with bite-size tasks sot that I can achieve my bigger goals.

Secondly, I am reminded that if I don’t get out of my business, it simply can’t grow or scale. If I am solely being reactive and only doing client work, I am not actively seeking new ways to grow my business.

And thirdly, I also need to know when to ask for help. I don’t know about you, but when I think about asking for help or outsourcing, I get this nagging voice in my head telling me “I can’t afford it” and “I can easily to it myself”. And whilst I could possibly do it myself, I am now asking myself “can I afford not to get help?” “Is doing it all myself the best possible use of my time?” I am now at a place where the answer is a resounding NO to both of these questions.

So with my new plan in place, I am in the process of seeking even more clarity on what it is I need to do to achieve my goals and look at WHO can help me to do this. Because working in my business all of the time is not helping me grow. And when I outsource to another business, I love that I am also helping them grow.

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*Robert G Allen